60th Wedding Anniversary

By Kathryn • May 22, 2023

My parents were celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary with a special lunch at Cassegrain, Port Macquarie yesterday when they experienced the most generous act of kindness. Two lovely ladies with a young child sitting in the corner, must’ve seen them come in, saying that it was their anniversary, and paid for their meal before leaving. Mum and Dad were in disbelief and so delighted to receive this beautiful surprise.

"Walking on air" said my Mum.

Dear ladies, thank you for your generosity. You would have had no way of knowing how deserving Mum and Dad are. Both now in their 80s, they have always lived a life of service to their community, caring for anyone in need, showing kindness and still helping everyone they can.

I hope the ladies get to see this and know how much it was appreciated.


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