Watching The Rain

By Joseph J. Mazzella • May 5, 2023

It was a Summer afternoon a long time ago. I was a little boy watching my favorite rerun on our tiny little television set. All that was about to change, however. CRACK! BOOM! the lightening and thunder sounded. Suddenly my Mom ran into the living room, unhooked the antenna wire and dropped the metal claws into a glass mason jar by the TV. I started to complain but knew better. Mom wasn’t going to risk lightening hitting our antenna, running through the wire, and blowing up our only TV set. There was no way she was going to let me go outside and play either so I settled into my chair and reread a book for the tenth time while she placed empty coffee cans under the leaks in the roof my Dad hadn’t had a chance to fix yet.

Later after the lightening and thunder had passed and only a gently falling rain remained I saw my Mom walk out onto our back porch, sit down on our old porch swing and watch the rain. She loved watching it water the flowers, forests and gardens. She enjoyed seeing it swell the river down the hill from our house. She knew it would be providing water to drink and wash and clean and live. She had told me all this many times too, but my young mind was too selfish then to take in all in. All I knew was that rain storms meant no TV and no playing outside.

This time, though, I took the time to watch it fall. I saw the peace on my Mom’s face as she did too. Quietly I walked out on the back porch and sat down next to her. We didn’t say a word. We just watched the rain, water the world. We just listened to its tap tapping music on our roof. We just breathed in the sweetness it brought to the air. I couldn’t explain why then but I was so happy to just be there with my Mom. And I was happy that it was raining too.

The next time it rains turn off your TV, computer, and phone. Take someone you love by the hand, walk out on your porch, and just watch the rain. I guarantee it will bring you closer to this world you live in, closer to the loving God who created it, and closer to the one sitting next to you. May the rains of this life always water your soul and help your Love to grow.


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