Our Beautiful Daughter Ran Out Of Petrol On The Motorway

By Sarah • May 1, 2023

Our beautiful daughter ran out of petrol on the motorway yesterday afternoon about two kilometres from the service station (she has learned the lesson to not push it that far again).

She rang us frightened and in a not good position so close to traffic speeding past at 110.

Her partner didn't answer his phone nor did her friend.

We live over an hour away and we were so worried about her in a vulnerable position.

I told her to lock her doors and stay in the car and to keep calling her partner and friend.

She called back ten minutes later to say a man in a van has stopped and offered her fuel from a Jerry can he had in his van.

She was a bit worried and had us on speaker phone ( just in case) while this fantastic human put the fuel in her car made sure it started and as she was thanking him and offering him money he told her.

It feels good to help someone else and it not a problem.

Thank you to this wonderful person who helped our precious daughter.


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