My Eyes Are Filled With Tears As I Write This

By Marcelle • April 29, 2023

I am on the receiving end of the most astonishing acts of kindness.

Three weeks ago I met a young woman, on line, who wanted to work but couldn’t do so because her English is poor and she has difficulty communicating.

Retired and in my 70s I was not in a position to offer her work, but, with a background is in Adult Education I offered to teach her English.

Bea accepted promptly and, the following day, arrived at my place with a delicious banana cake.

Teaching, learning and laughing began straight away. I met Bea’s partner and he spent hours sorting out a wifi problem I had.

Unfortunately, a week ago I became unwell. Bea immediately began making me highly nutritious and delicious meals. She will not accept any money from me.

Yesterday, despite my protestations, Bea cleaned my small unit. She laughingly learned new words: ‘dust’ ‘clean’ ‘germs’ Pronouncing, and learning the difference between ‘soap’ and ‘soup’, amused us.

My eyes are filled with tears as I write this.


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