Today I Was Shopping With My Elderly Mother

By A Friend • April 26, 2023

Today I was shopping with my elderly mother.

We were in the bread aisle when another elderly lady asked me the price of the bread she had in her hand.

I told her it was $3.70.

She said how sad it was how much everything had gone up.

She said to me she wouldn't be able to afford it so asked me to put it back on the shelf.

That was when my mum went to her purse and graciously gave the lady $10. (If I had cash I was going to do the same thing but my mum read my mind) the elderly customer said she couldn't take it and it was fine she didn't need the bread so I put it into her handbag and said no you take it.

Mum stepped in and said you shouldn't have to be without a loaf of bread. Mum then said use the change to buy yourself something.

The lady said no... I will get you the change.

Mum insisted she kept it.

The lady was so very grateful and we chatted for about 5/10 mins. She lost her husband a few months back and she has found it hard ever since.

Seeing this lady bought a tear to my eye and I was so grateful my mum was with me to help her.

Times are tough for a lot of us....but the elderly are finding it even tougher. Breaks my heart.

Makes me realise I need to carry cash for instances like this.


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