I Took 4 Girls Aged 10-11 To A Park

By Janey • April 20, 2023

One was my grand daughter they met a girl around the same age with Down’s syndrome and she joined the crew playing on swings and flying foxes and merry go round, she even took off her shoes and put them in our shoe pile.

When she was leaving they yelled her name out and waved her good bye- the girls face lit up with a smile that lit up the park .

Being a parent of disabled adults I thought how amazing it was that the girls included this girl and how kind they were to her making sure they weren’t swinging too high for her etc.

I told the girls they made me proud of their kindness and the girls pointed out to me that didn’t see she was downs or realise she had a disability … they just saw another girl playing alone. My granddaughter said she just thought she was a different nationality.

It was so nice that they saw just a girl and not a disability. Gives me hope for the future.

How things have changed for the better since my childhood in the 1960s .


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