Life Is Worth Living

By A Friend • April 11, 2023

Just had one of those moments where I feel like I’ve made it. Just at home with my partner, reading a book with our dog napping on the rug, in our cozy living room whilst it rains outside. 

I struggled a lot with my mental health when I was younger. I was bullied by everyone at school from ages 6 - 16. I was severely depressed, anxious, paranoid and struggled making friends etc I also have adhd and autism which made it difficult to fit in.

No self esteem no confidence. I was very lucky to have a king and caring mum and dad as they were basically the only reason I didn’t unalive myself, I just couldn’t hurt them like that.

I’m 27 now. I’m so glad I kept going, I’m on the correct medication so my brain is stable and I’m happy most the time.

Having a boyfriend seemed like an impossible thing for me when I was a teenager but now I have a long term partner of 5 years, we have a dog and a house.

I have plenty of wonderful friends, I’m generally well liked and I’m in a career training to work with special needs children and kids that were like me.

I never thought any of this would be possible for me. But it is! I haven’t been properly depressed for quite a few years now.

You deserve your future and your own “I’ve made it moment” it will come. Things we can’t even imagine are possible


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