Her Gratitude Was More Than Enough Payment

By Rachael • April 7, 2023

In the supermarket the other day and the woman next to me quietly told the cashier she only had $60 so could she stop there.

This lady had cheese, bread, toilet paper, milk, cereal and frozen veggies she'd have needed to put back. I'd already gone through my checkout but hovered a bit so I could pay the remaining amount for her. She teared up and said she'd been having a super tough time lately and also had extra mouths to feed for a few days. She wanted my name and phone number so she could pay me back when she could.

I said there's no need to, pay it forward if/when you can and wished her a wonderful rest of her day.

I'm not well off financially at all but like to help other people whenever I can. Her gratitude was more than enough payment


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