I Don't Normally Post On Acts Of Kindness But This One Hit Me In The Feels

By Belinda • April 7, 2023

Hubby and I were out eating lunch yesterday when a lady came in known by all at the cafe and was talking loudly to her daughter on the phone.

I said to my hubby she reminds me of mum (who passed 18 months ago). Mum was hard of hearing so she'd talk loudly well that made me smile. Mum used to also known at her local cafe and was always chatting.

Unbeknownst to me as we were leaving my husband walked up to this lady and gave her an Easter egg and she said, "what's this for?"

He said to her, "you remind us of my wife's mum".

With that she stood up and gave him a hug. It made her day and it made me proud to be married to a man with such a beautiful heart.


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