By Joseph J. Mazzella • April 4, 2023

My daughter is such a beautiful, loving, giving soul. Everyday she comes over to my house to help me take care of her two mentally handicapped brothers. I don’t know what I would have done without her all of these years. Her love isn’t limited to just people, though. She has also rescued several dogs over the years and showered them with love and affection. Last year too she started to feed a female, black, stray cat that we named Miss Alice. Then it seems word spread because soon other strays started coming around to feast on her food and her love. The latest one is a male, orange, Tabby that she named Tang after the powdered breakfast drink.

Tang isn’t quite like the other cats, however. My daughter calls him a dog in a cat suit because there is no aloofness about him at all. Every time he sees her he meows for her to pick him up and pet him. Just yesterday I watched as she started to walk back up the road to her own house. Suddenly an orange blur appeared from under her front porch steps. It was Tang. He ran down the road to her meowing all the way. When she finally bent down to pick him up and pet him you could see his eyes close as he soaked in the love of her heart. He rubbed his head against her and purred with pure joy. I laughed as I watched her carry him back up the road to her house like a baby. He never once tried to get down. He just enjoyed being in her arms.

I wonder how much better our own lives would be if we took a lesson or two from that dog in a cat suit. God’s Love is all around us. He speaks to us in a thousand different ways. He seeks only to live in our hearts and our lives. If we were as wise as Tang is we would soak in that Love every chance we got. We would cherish our time in His arms. And we would joyously share our own love as well. Perhaps one day I will be as loving and wise as this furry feline. Until then I will keep trying my best to Love, each and everyday. May you do the same.


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