To This Day Her Kindness Brings Tears To My Eyes

By Melinda • April 3, 2023

It was from more than 15 years ago and I feel like I’d always been too embarrassed to thank her properly. I hope to share this so that there’ll be more compassion in the office. I was the “idiot” in the office and my manager was exasperated at my inability. I watched discretely from the corner as my manager complained to the CFO about how I wasn’t teachable, and that I was excruciatingly slow to learn, before actually calling me an idiot. I believed what she said and felt helpless.

However Teresa who was my manager’s manager was so sensitive to my plight, and she would stay back each day to teach me ever so patiently. She knew of my personal struggles, and would call me to make sure I didn’t slip to my bad habit (which I’m not yet ready to share here). She never wanted attention, always caring for me when no one is watching, and she had no agenda.

With her help and the confidence she placed in me, I actually advanced and double my salary (I was fired after my manager’s complaint but got promoted a few times in the next company) after just over a year. However her biggest gift to me was simply that she cared for me. So I had to believe in myself.

Kindness is a gift. I hope to return the favour to Teresa one day, and to offer the same opportunity to others.


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