If It's Been A While Since You've Seen An Elderly Loved One, Check In On Them And Give Them A Hug

By Michelle • March 20, 2023

Yesterday I was honoured to be chosen to provide some pampering to a remarkable and beautiful lady in her last days and dying from lung failure. She had been brought home from hospice and is surrounded by her loved ones.

87 years young, this woman has such fragile skin and requires her nails trimmed to avoid scratching and cutting her skin. She also wanted a little pop of colour to make her feel fabulous.

A friend of her daughter’s reached out to a community of beauty therapists, and I was invited to come and do a gentle manicure. I was honoured to do this and did not want any money. Her daughter, however, refused I do this complimentary and after hard refusal we settled on petrol money!

I went and bought a natural colour with a tinge of light pink that I thought she’d like. Turned out the colour I got her was one of her favourite colours. I bought her some flowers and the lady’s daughter mentioned her mother was an avid gardener and loved flowers; she was so delighted.

I took my time with the manicure and was careful with her skin. I stayed for two hours just chatting until she rested and it was medication time. She was so happy in that moment and meeting someone new; turned out she was a real socialite and she had done so much for others!

Now, a lot people don’t realise but elderly often don’t experience much physical contact; whether that be through isolation, being in a respite or hospital, or others worried they’re so fragile and avoiding to touch. However, physical contact as a human is really important and can offer an enormous amount of comfort.

This lady was embedded in love by her daughter and son-in-law, but not all elderly are.

A simple manicure can make all the difference. Sitting and chatting can offer a break from their hell and anxiety they’re feeling towards the end.

Little does this lady know, but I received just as much joy, if not more, by giving and being in her company. What a remarkable woman she is and life she has lived. It is such a wholesome feeling to care and I could see the love she has with her family and this really filled my heart. 

I share this to offer a reminder: If it’s been a while since you’ve seen an elderly loved one, check in on them and give them a hug. Or, a hand massage, brush their hair, and sit and chat. You never know how much that can mean to someone, or to you.


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