I Am So Very Grateful For This Kindness

By Jody • March 16, 2023

I'm going through chemo for breast cancer and had treatment this week.

Got talking to the gentleman in the next chair, we talked about everything, footy, food, family, not being able to work, treatment,struggles we have faced during treatment etc.

I mentioned we are going camping and I'd booked booked it. As since being diagnosed in November it's been a whirlwind of treatment and hospital stays due to infection etc and I havnt had much to look forward to in that time and I just wanted to relax.

Well he finished his treatment before me and as he was walking out, he put $100 on my table and said enjoy your camping trip.

I instantly teared up and in a squeaky voice called out omg thank you. You are a lovely man.

Then I looked at my nurse and started crying. And so did she.

I am so very grateful for this kindness, it will go far on our weekend away.


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