Jesus And Me

By Jack • March 10, 2023


It’s been since 2012 that I was healed. For 5 ½ years before that, I limped, I had a cane, a walker, a brace on my lower left leg and had to sit on a pillow, because my tailbone hurt so much. My left leg had also atrophied down to skin and bones. I was taking 29 pills a day. The doctors thought I had MS because of the lesions in my brain, with cysts also in my brain. I was also labeled with fibromyalgia and I had diabetes. This is documented with all the doctors I was seeing at the time and including my healing.

Nothing the doctors did helped me.

I was prayed for many times, but this time I believed. I was prayed for and sat down at church. I closed my eyes to pray again and all I could see was me running in church. When the pastor was closing, I walked up in front of church by faith. I threw down my cane, took off my brace and ran around church. Only Jesus and HIS mercy, was I able to run around Church at the time of healing.

I went back to my neurologist and doctor. No more lesions or cysts in my brain and no more diabetes. You can believe it or just keep denying there is a God. In the end we all face Jesus. Some to heaven and some to hell. It's your choice. In all this I thank Jesus for my salvation. The healing was added bonus.

I proclaim healing upon all that read this and are desperately seeking Jesus for the answer. On those wondering if Jesus exists and need an answer for anything the Lord has for you. In the name of Jesus. Trust Him, seek Him, call out to Him. I hope to hear a lot of healings. Amen.


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