Today I Experienced Kindness That Has Restored All My Faith In Humanity!

By Holly • March 10, 2023

Today I experienced kindness that has restored all my faith in humanity!

Norton Summit in Adelaide, Australia is pitch black at 6am, and my front light died half way up while I was climbing. A fellow cyclist (who I didn’t know) let me ride behind him the whole time so I could see where I was going from his light.

I then got a flat tyre coming down. I had to stop and the cyclist rode off as he didn’t hear me BUT… he came back!! Hurrah! 🥹

Just as the heavens opened, we stood there, soaking wet trying to fix my flat tyre in the dark 🌧️ Muddy, wet and cold, we couldn’t fit the flat properly so he rode me to the nearest cafe to make sure I was safe. James (initially from Epsom, Surrey, married with two kids if anyone knows him?!?!) thank you, for your selfless care and kindness this morning. You’re a good egg!

The cafe manager wrapped me in a blanket and made me a hot chocolate. Thank you La Madeleine French Café

And then, just to top it off, my beautiful boyfriend drove all the way to Norwood to take me home and get me warm!

What an adventure, but also a reminder that we’re all humans. I will be sure to pass on all the kindness and pay it forward

Happy and safe riding everyone!


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