I Am Going Blind, And I Love Books

By Angela • February 27, 2023

So I am going blind, and I love books.

Initially I bought all my books from my favourite authors from indie publishers, but now that I need the audio I'm having to purchase them on Amazon because if I do that I can get the audio for a few dollars extra and it's cheaper than the audible price.

I mentioned this on a fanpage of one of my favourite authors, as people were discussing whether or not it was better to by from amazon or indie publishers.

Well. the author sent me a message!

She had read my comment on her fanpage, and offered to give me the codes for all of her audiobooks that I didn't have yet!

Being messaged by one of my favourite authors was exciting enough, but I'm getting free audiobooks from her as well!

I got a spot on my "good" eye this week so I was feeling particularly miserable, but this has made my year lol!


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