I Bought My Autistic Son Tickets To Elton John He Was Beyond Excited

By Sam • February 24, 2023

I bought my autistic son tickets to Elton John he was beyond excited.

The night finally arrived for the concert we got to the venue and lined up got our tickets scanned to be told they were fake and we wouldn't be entering the concert.

My son was beyond devastated. We were both were crying. We went to the ticket booth and they confirmed they were fake and said "sorry no entry".

They cost me $400.

Out of no where this man said "I will pay for 2 tickets so they can gain entry".

I had no chance to see him. I wanted to thank him but he was gone.

The concert was amazing. My darling son had a total blast.

The next day I rang my local radio station to find this amazing stranger. Then all the local radio stations and tv stations got in touch with me. We were on the news. We wanted to find this legend. We even got in the paper.

Well we finally found him. He called me and all he wanted to know did my son have a good night.

I said yes he sure did. He didn't want his money back.

Still, 4 years later, my heart can never thank this beautiful stranger enough for giving my son the night of his life seeing Elton John.


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