Yesterday I Took My Mom Out For Lunch At A Local Club

By A Friend • February 13, 2023

Yesterday I took my mom out for lunch at a local club. When we arrived, a man in a wheelchair was waving at her and saying hello - I guess because she is also in a wheelchair.

At the table next to us, a family was having lunch. The little boy (about eight years old) was smiling away and when I caught his eye, his beautiful smile got even brighter. I pointed him out to mom and he smiled at her often and even gave her a little wave now and then during the meal, which really made her day. I told his parents how lovely it was to see.

I took mom to the supermarket for a browse. There was a young family with a couple of kids there. The father saw mom in her wheelchair and attached shopping cart. He looked down with a friendly smile and said, "Hello ma’am".

I was surprised in a good way, to see how many friendly and good people we encountered in a half a day. Mom doesn’t get out much and coming into contact with these people really made her happy. So, thank you to all of them and never think a small friendly gesture is wasted or goes unnoticed.


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