A Special Needs Trike

By A Friend • January 26, 2023

I recently posted my disabled daughters special needs Trike on marketplace for free as she had outgrown it and it was very expensive- I just wanted a child who was disadvantaged like my own to have the freedom most families/children take for granted.

I had a family collect it a week ago, and we had a good chat about life and what not. We had a few tears together but we were all very excited for their daughter to ride her 1st bike at 7yo with her siblings, instead of being on the side line watching.

Today they sent me a video of her riding the Trike along with her siblings, and their laughter/joy was contagious. I never thought I could feel so much pride and joy outside my own children, but this incredible young girl had me sobbing with pride.

What an absolute privilege I had sharing that moment with her and her family.

A memory I will cherish forever.


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