That's For Hayley

By Nadia • January 26, 2023

Years ago on a train on my way into city I noticed a family got on - 2 little girls, their Mom and mother’s friend.

They had packed trolley bags, on their way to a destination where, from what it looked like, they were going to be there some days. The girls sat down next to an older gentleman. Down the ride one of the little girls started speaking to the man and most passengers within audible range discovered they were on their way to the main city kids’ hospital for her sister Hayley (the other little girl quietly sitting next to her).

The man (best described as probably Santa Clause out of uniform in a wide brim hat) spoke with the girls on and off the rest of the train ride. A little later he started scribbling on a piece of paper. When his stop approached he got up & went up to the door - next to him sitting down was Hayley’s Mum.

As the train stopped at his station & the doors opened, he handed her a cheque going “That’s for Hayley” and got off.

The Mum was overwhelmed, a biggest grateful smile as she looked at the cheque, then looking up but almost knowing that she wasn’t going to be able to see the man as he had already hopped off, then looking back at the cheque in her hand - a bigger smile of gratitude, perhaps feeling a little lighter on the shoulders.


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