My Flight Home Today Was Delayed

By Bec • January 2, 2023

I've been in Perth for a holiday from Melbourne and after my flight home today was delayed over 4 hours I called Qantas and a very helpful staff member was able to get me booked on an earlier flight.

Turned out my new flight was overbooked, so I was placed on standby (have to wait until the flight closes to know if there’s room). Turned out that 18 crew were booked onto the flight overnight as they have to get back to their home ports within a certain amount of time to be able to fly again (totally understandable!).

Myself and another lady I got chatting as we were both waiting, near the service desk. A Jetstar crew member went up to the desk and asked to be taken off the overbooked flight so that passengers could fly - it was such a kind gesture as there were lots of us waiting!

All the Qantas staff were amazing, helpful and kind in a difficult situation!

Both myself and the other lady got on the flight.


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