Human Angels

By Lori • December 19, 2022

Thank you to the "Human Angels" (looked like the guys from ZZTop) who got my car free from a parking garage medium.

I was ready to call AAA to help me get unstuck from the medium I somehow straddled trying to get out of Barnes West Hospital Garage to get my partner from the hospital!

These guys heard me and saw my situation and immediately without hesitation asked me to get out of driver seat started talking to another guy assisting and before I knew it they magically got my vehicle unstuck!

I was in panic mode because my partner was being released after heart stints and I didn't want to upset him with this crazy situation I managed to create.

Whew We!

I only had to chance to hug and thank them with tears in my eyes.

They didn't "work" in garage they were just random people whom instead of just letting me deal with it all instead.

Jumped in/out and before I knew it. They were gone as fast as they appeared ...

Thank You.


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