Ice Cream

By Dee • December 8, 2022

My daughter and all the junior students had a Movieworld trip on Tuesday 6th December. She excitedly told me that while her and her group of friends (about 8 students) were waiting for their ride at Wild Wild West.

Not in any hurry, they've allowed a family that seemed to be holidaying on the GC, jump in front of the queue. This family was forever thankful and offered to buy my daughter and all her friends an ice cream each.

My daughter and her friends replied there's no need as they're too expensive. This family would not accept 'no' and was happy to shout the girl's ice cream.

The family said because of the girls kind gesture and wished that there were more like them.

Hearing this from my own child made me extremely proud of my girl and her friends for showing kindness to others.

Their kindness reflects to their school especially in uniform.


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