I'd Like To Share An Act Of Kindness That Set Me On A Path To Healing

By Susanne • November 26, 2022

I'd like to share an act of kindness that set me on a path to healing.

A few years ago, I lost my youngest son in a car accident. An unexpected tragedy had been bestowed on my family. Those early days were tough. As you could imagine. But then maybe you can't!

I called on my faith. In God, a God, or a spiritual belief that would lead to a larger meaning to my sons life and death. I wanted to believe that he was enjoying the riches of heaven or whatever comes after this life.

Every spare minute at work, I would visit the chapel onsite. A peaceful, quiet place with the most magnificent stain glass windows. Sometimes I would pray, but often I would just sit. Soaking in the solace.

There was a prayer book you could write in. I guess I thought if I wrote my prayers down they would come true.

Mostly, I would pray for the strength and grace to get through my days. My grief was overwhelming.

I went to write in the book this particular day and noticed that someone had written something alongside my prayer.

It read " a son never dies. They wake with you each morning. A sun.".

I will never know the person who wrote that.

But safe to say it meant more to me than anything anyone has ever said or done.

For I came to the realization that my son is with me at every sunrise. And every sunset.

He really hasn't left.


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