Positive Feedback

By Caryn • November 19, 2022

I am not venturing out to the shops at the moment (taxis are really hard to get) so I did a Delivery Now order with my local supermarket and it was due to be delivered within 60 - 90 minutes.

I left a few "shopper notes" regarding substitutions and also one saying "thank you for working so hard to fill all the orders". My order was delivered earlier than the timeframe stated and was perfectly picked and packed and the one substitution was what I would have chosen myself.

I decided these hard-working staff don't get enough thanks so I phoned the supermarket and asked for the manager so that I could leave positive feedback. The manager I spoke to, Miles, was so lovely and when I said I didn't know which picker it was he said "That's OK we have three working right now so I will gift them a box of chocolates as a thank you from a happy customer" and he then asked me what was in my order as the picker may remember me if there was anything a little "different" and the one who picked the order may remember doing so.

What a great manager Miles is ... I hope the staff enjoyed their chockies!


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