My Son And I Were In A Shopping Centre Today...

By Charles • November 16, 2022

My son and I were in a shopping centre today and we had a young guy from Tommy Gun's barber shop come up to us and offer us free haircuts.

My son needed one and so we went into the shop and he offered me a free drink as well. I asked him what the occasion was and he told me that he is an apprentice and that every now and then they would give free haircuts to random people to give the apprentices more experience.

The haircut took a little longer than usual, but he did a great job. I could tell he tried his best and was not expecting anything in return.

Afterwards I gave my son $50 to give to him. I know apprentices don't make much, and he looked really surprised and thanked me.

I could tell that he really appreciated it.

Just thought I'd repay his kindness with some kindness of my own.


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