My Heart Is Full Of Gratitude

By Melissa • November 7, 2022

Last night my husband and I took our 3 children out last minute for dinner at Montezumas at Mooloolaba.

There was a friendly couple sitting behind us repeatedly commenting on how beautiful our family and children were and that our youngest reminded them of their grandchild.

When we finished dinner, we went to counter to pay (like usual) but when we arrived the cashier persisted to tell us it was all taken care of. She pointed in the direction of this lovely couple. This generous couple had paid for our families meal and drinks, we were in absolute shock and it made me cry, I had to hug them and thank them, even though they really didn’t want to be recognised.

To think that there are still so many kind and generous people out there who ‘pay it forward’ to others, just because they see the good in something is just most beautiful thing. My heart is full of gratitude and it’s reminded me how important it is to ‘pay it forward’.

If this beautiful couple is reading this, we thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for reminding to be kind and pay it forward


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