So Here's A Story For You

By Kimberley • November 2, 2022

Today I was driving through Nambour in 4 lane traffic. My car has no air-conditioning so I was already on fire and what do I see but a family of delightful ducks,crossing the road in a most unsuitably unsafe place.

In a moment of sheer terror for the poor doggo in the backseat I pulled the best u-turn a Tiida has ever seen the wrong way into a one way street. As I alighted from my newly found rally car, I flashed my lights at the oncoming traffic like Carl Cox doing a ninties revival set.

I was then faced with a decision.... was I going to scale the school safety fence onto the road in full view of at least 20 cars who had.... at my direction stopped to witness....

Me flinging myself over a 5ft high mesh safety fence like a chunky high jumper who had over invested in their abilities. I regret now my choice of a cute af flowy sunflower SKIRT this morning.

I chose the ducks.

I shepherded those lovely f**kers under the fence right into the nambour pool.

God I hope there's no dashcam footage



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