Monday Morning Made!

By Gabrielle • October 10, 2022

I stopped in to my local IGA for a banana because my son wanted one for his lunchbox.

I was next in line to an older gentleman.

He went to put his basket away and when he returned saw that I only had one item and said 'if I'd have known that's all you had I would have let you go first'. He then told me to put it with his groceries and he'd pay for it. I politely declined and thanked him for his kindness, but he insisted! I acquiesced, and could see that he was so happy that I did.

He asked me if I was having a tough time and if I needed anything else. I told him that I was doing OK, but I appreciated his generosity and explained that my son wanted a banana for lunch but I had none at home.

I didn't catch this man's name, but I left with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

Whoever this man is, I hope he has the most amazing day, and may karma find him and reward him for his beautiful random act of kindness.


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