Returning Kindness With Kindness

By Chris • March 2, 2012

Last night I went to a concert, and there was only one place to buy drinks or food with a credit card. I did not feel like using the ATM (being charged a fee) so I only went to this one place everytime to get drinks.

On my last visit, the credit card machine broke temporarily. It may have been all night, but at least while I was there, it was not working. She asked me if I had any cash, and I only had $10 on me. My order was for $16.50.

Since one beer was $8.25, she charged me that much for the two drinks. She was a very nice lady and with a line behind me, I could tell she was slightly panicking. She gave me my change, and I got two have a free beer! So happy, I took the change and gave it to her as a tip for being so nice. This was a food station, not a bar or concession stand where tips are expected. She was so excited and appreciative that I did that, it looked like she forgot about the state of panic she was in, and had this huge smile on her face. I felt so good walking away to know that I was taken care of, and I was able to return the favor with something so little.

The lesson I learned, return kindness with kindness!


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