We Have Just One Life To Live

By Glory Fu • October 7, 2022

In this uncertain time, can we still control the controllable?

I lost my job during the pandemic's outbreak in 2020. Not knowing what to do for my next step, I just waited for the pandemic to end. For nearly 6 months, I had been living an aimless life and felt my inner strength leaking as time passed. Until one day, while reading the Bible, I came across Proverbs 24:10, which says, " If you faint in the day of distress, how small is your strength!" It’s like a blow to the head.

I started journaling; it was in early 2021. Almost every day I wrote down what I was thinking, seeing, or feeling in my surroundings. By journaling, I was able to sort out my confusing thoughts, defeat my anxiety, and find peace of mind. Until now, I have kept a journal and found pleasure and self-achievement in it.

When the world is in trouble, we must not get caught up in its whirlwind. It’s no use to cry, or complain. What we must do is to focus on the positive. Thus, if you are currently in pain, or feeling helpless, please ask yourself what interests you and then stand up to take one step at a time toward that goal.

After all, we have just one life to live.


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