On The Other Side, Waiting At The Back Door

By Leann Leedom • October 6, 2022

About 6 years ago, my life changed forever. So many beautiful surprises unfolded after a tragic Moment and God showed me some powerful truths. I’ll share that with you now.

My mom lost her husband, my step dad Bill to liver cancer. He passed away a day after his 66th birthday and my mom was there at hospice the day before celebrating with him but not present when he took his final breath. 3 months later, my mother asked me to help move some furniture around her house to prepare for Bills family to arrive to spread out his ashes. I helped her run errands, she purchased a boat ride to spread his ashes at a beautiful ceremony in the pacific. Bill loved to fish so this was what he wanted. I dropped my mom at home and promised to bring a helper to get the furniture moved first thing in the morning.

The next morning I was running late, my fiancés father said he could help so I raced out of the door thinking I didn’t have time to call her. On my way to get a cup of joe I was passing by an airport on a gloomy June gloom type of day and saw a beam of light spread out of the clouds and 3 balls of light seem to float up into the heavens. I saw this out of the corner of my eye and it felt peculiar but I brushed it off ,thinking I wasn’t quite awake yet.. I got my coffee and went to pick up Peter. After scooping him up we drove one neighborhood over to my moms house. We knocked on the door, but no answer. Very odd , usually she is quick to the door. I called her , no answer on the phone. I had a spare key since my fiancé and I installed her locks. I open the door and see that my mom is face down at the back door. I had my two year old son Ryder with me and handed him off to grandpa Peter and asked them to take a walk. I immediately rushed in, checked for a pulse. My mother was still warm, but no pulse. I called 911 , did cpr while I waited a few agonizingly long minutes till the police and ambulance arrived. They tried for 20 mins to bring her back, but I knew in my heart she was gone. It was a long day, and it shook me to the core. I had to make calls, and tell all my loved ones the painful news… this is when amazing truths started to surface.

Soon after this happened, Bills sister Sandy and her husband Lorenzo , came from the big island to spread Bill and now my moms ashes. Sandy and I were talking and she told me that my mom kept having this reoccurring dream that Billy was coming through the back door saying “Anita , it’s time to go” ! I let Sandy know then and there that , that is exactly where I found my mom the day she died. We both had chills run down our spines and smiled a heartfelt smile.. knowing they are together in Paradise. Mom still does many amazing things, she shows signs she cares and still loves me. Occasionally I get to see her in my dreams, usually she is calling me in my dreams telling me she’s been traveling all over but she called to tell me she loves me! Know that your loved ones are never far, they are with you now and always.


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