I Made A Boy In A Certain Major Telecom Cry Today

By Sharon • October 4, 2022

I made a boy in a certain major telecom cry today. And not in the way you might think.

I’d heard how staff are being abused with people literally queuing just to tear strips off them so walking past the retail shop in Kawana saw they were having a quiet moment (there’s been lots of people in there the precious couple of times I walked past) I popped in and gave the young staffer a smile and said “I just wanted to say…” (his eyes widened probably expecting more of what he’d been getting all day) “…you’re doing a great job and it’s all going to be ok.” His eyes filled with tears as he said how much he appreciated me saying that to him and off I went.

These young staffers are bearing the brunt of peoples fear and anger over something bad that was done TO the company not by them so please spare a thought for the humans who now have to answer the phones and serve in stores. Maybe say hi and offer a friendly smile.


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