A Man With No Shoes

By Leann From Socal • October 4, 2022

This morning I went to a local drive thru to pick up breakfast for my son.

As I approached the drive thru I saw a younger man sitting on the sidewalk with no shoes, no socks just bare feet. A woman was offering him some food, after receiving my sons food I drove around to the parking lot close to where the man was. I had packed a bag a couple weeks prior for a homeless man I had seen down by the beach but had not seen since prior to getting this bag ready. It had a blanket, a tarp, clean shirt and socks and some snacks and baby wipes. I knew the bag I packed was actually for this young fellow.

I got out of my vehicle and handed him the bag, he was nearly in tears and told me god bless you. .

He asked if I had any money for a soda, I went back to my car and grabbed a can of coke and a few bucks. He was so happy, the women who was offering him food thanked me and asked me name. I introduced myself as Leann and she asked to give me a big hug, that was the name of her daughter who is now in heaven.

She told me I was an angel and the James the homeless fellow agreed.

I am no angel just a person who has been down on there luck before and know what it’s like. It’s always good to have compassion.


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