Mary Poppins In Disguise

By Jae • September 28, 2022

As a mum of 2 beautiful young girls with little family support, I’ve been looking to hire a nanny for a few hrs a week for months only to be let down at the last minute time and time again.

I finally found a lady who sounded great and she turned out to be Mary Poppins in disguise.

She was booked in today for 3hrs - she came over 10mins early for a chat with a coffee for me, treats for both kids, played with and fed my youngest, did a trip to the grocery store for me and paid with $50 note.

It came to the end of the day and I asked for her account details to pay her for her time and pay her back for the groceries- she said she didn’t want to be paid for the day, or paid back for the groceries, she wanted to do something nice for a mum who needed some support.

I’m so touched a stranger went out of their way to be so incredibly kind! So many happy tears, there are some truly amazing people in this world


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