Tonight I Went To Our Local And A Couple Were There Trying To Have Dinner And Their Baby Was Crying

By Sharon • September 19, 2022

Tonight I went to our local and a couple were there trying to have dinner and their baby was crying. I looked over at the mum frantically trying to quieten the baby and thought to myself as a Nana whose been there before with my own children, should I help? A total stranger?

Well, it got the better of me and I went over to the parents and offered to take their child for a walk in the prom, in the premises, at all times in their view. The grateful mum and dad said thank you. They come from the city and have never experienced country people looking to help them.

Later, after chatting with them, long after the mum had dinner and a bit of mum time, I discovered they are new parents in a new town with no support. I hope that if our children are ever feeling that pressured with their little ones, that someone would step up to offer some assistance. Felt great to help them tonight.


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