I Saw The Gentleman Walk To His Car Wiping His Eyes

By Michele • September 14, 2022

Last night whilst shopping at my local Woolies I was standing at a self serve checkout paying for my shopping, when I overhead an elderly gentleman tell one of the checkout girls that he may not have enough money to pay for his items. Once I paid for my shopping I waited around to see if the gentleman was able to produce enough change for his shopping and unfortunately he couldn’t. I would have paid the whole amount but he had already started popping money into the register.

Just as the checkout lady came over to take some items out of his bag, I walked over to the gentleman and told him that I would like to pay for the remainder of his shopping. The poor man couldn’t believe it. He insisted on paying me back as he is a local, and I told him "No. Pay me back by enjoying your shopping."

As I was sitting in my car ready to leave I saw the gentleman walk to his car wiping his eyes. As he hopped into his car that was parked near mine I noticed he was crying. When I saw this it most definitely made me realise that such a small act of kindness can make such a big difference to someone that may be struggling


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