By Cyndie • August 22, 2022

This is my 15 month old grandsons Binky. While at a large Western Sydney shopping centre Binky slipped away without being noticed, until he was needed, then it became a code red. My daughter frantically backtracked her steps and asked in every visited shop, but Binky remained at large. Our little man needed his Binky.

My daughter had purchased a couple more Binky's, for just this sort of disaster, but they didn't cut the mustard. They didn't smell right. They hadn't calmed his fears, dried his tears or taken the pain of an ouchy away. She took him home, both of them distraught. How were they going to make it through the night?

Enter our kind person, who discovered Binky, alone and sad in a major grocery store, and took him along to customer service, where my daughter had left her contact details.

Never underestimate the joy of a toddler, or the relief of frazzled parents when they are reunited with their comforter.

Thank you a million times over to the person who saw more than a grubby soft toy laying forlornly on the shop floor.


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