A Very Kind Soul

By Charlie • August 17, 2022

My son who is 19 set off on a a long drive from Brisbane to the Whitsundays at 9:30 Friday night, facing a long 12 hour drive. He was moving back home after 2 years of living away, he had a friend for company, 2 cats and a car full of all of his stuff. At midnight the car broke down and they found themselves stranded in Gympie, unable to get hold of any hotels or mechanics. They were freezing!

After posting on a local FB community page, a very kind soul came to their rescue - a man called Dave Nolan, who came and collected them all (including the cats) and took them back to his house, where they had showers and a rest. He drove them to the shops when they opened where they got spare parts for the car. After fixing it and having a sleep before driving again, I am so happy to say Sam finally made it home early Sunday morning.

So if you know Dave from Gympie, give him a pat on the back or a hug from me. It was so comforting to know my son was being looked after and not left on the side of the road. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Dave.


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