The Most Beautiful Random Act Of Kindness My Daughter Just Experienced

By Melly • July 21, 2022

Just wanted to post a story of the most beautiful random act of kindness my daughter just experienced.

My daughter soon to be 21 has just moved up near Byron Bay with her boyfriend. They're renting an unfurnished house and just decided to "wing it" when they got there.

They saw advertised a sofa for free that was about 45 minutes from where they live. The ad said it was out the front and first there would get it. They were the first there but it was too big for them to fit in all in one go. They were struggling for a while. Then an old man from across the road came out with a tape measure and a couple of mandarins from his garden to give them. The tape measure showed them there was no way they would get it in the Ute and they would have to make two trips. The old man said they would cover it with a sheet and make sure no one took the other part while they were gone. When they returned he said someone else had tried to get it but he had prevented them.

Then this man told them his story that he had come from a poor country town and grown up with a dirt floor, 6 siblings, no money and that people often forget how hard it is for young people starting out and he admired them for seizing the available opportunities. This old man gave them a bag of mandarins from his garden and $50 and said they must spend half of it on doing something nice for themselves and half of it on a lottery ticket. The kindness of this old man had my daughter in tears and me too when she recounted the story.

So beautiful.


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