What A Beautiful Way To Finish Our Holiday

By Susie • July 18, 2022

Last night we flew home after ten glorious days in Bali. Our flight was delayed and it was already past the kids bedtime when we boarded. As we settled in our seats, I caught your eye as your sat wedged in the window seat next to my 10 year old. I knew you were kind, just by your eyes- they sparkled when you smiled.

As my 5 year old dozed off between my husband and I in the next row, I hoped my other two would be quiet and allow you to rest on this very late flight. As they too dozed off, and their heads began to nod, I watched you make a little pillow from your grey jumper. You placed it on your shoulder and gently guided my sons head down to rest.

You again reassuringly caught my gaze as I mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ for the imposition across the rows and then ‘thank you’ as you gave me another beautiful smile and the thumbs up.

To the lady in seat 9A on last nights Jetstar flight to Perth, thank you. My son arrived rested because of you. Today he will be less fractious because of you. Small kindnesses go such a long way. What a beautiful way to finish our holiday.


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