I've Been Working Hard With My Children On Recognizing When Someone Does Something Nice For Us

By Kelly • July 13, 2022

I’ve been working hard with my children (Mr 8 & Miss 5), on recognizing when someone does something nice for us that they didn’t have to make it easier for us, like moving aside in the shopping aisle, opening a door for us, stopping to let us cross the road etc and saying thank you in recognition of that gesture. Also in recognizing that someone many need our help and to offer assistance without expecting anything in return.

Recently we were in a small shopping complex and stopped for a quick bite to eat. I didn’t bring their drinks as we weren’t going to be long. Kids being kids, of course couldn’t wait till the car and we’re dying of thirst, so they asked if they could go to the supermarket to get a bottle of water each, I gave them my card and said yes (I could see them at all times). Afterwards they came running back with a big smile on their faces to tell me how they saw an old man in the shopping line with lots of things in his arms and they offered for him to go first so he didn’t drop his shopping. I asked them how it made them feel to be able to a kind thing for someone else? They said it made them feel really good.

It wasn’t a big gesture, but it made my heart swell that they noticed a way they could make someone’s day a little easier and ran with it all on their own at ages 8 & 5. Sometimes just the little things can change someone’s day and the self gratitude can be just as uplifting.


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