Michael In Row 16

By Danni • July 13, 2022

After having our flights cancelled Monday I was able to get new ones for Tuesday. Michael in row 16, I just want to thank you again and sing your praises.

We were the last ones on the plane, and as soon as you saw my daughter you offered her the window seat, a seat you had paid extra for!

When the food cart came around you had a $15 voucher you then offered us as you weren't going to use it!!

So I got my daughter the muffin and water combo.

You smiled at us the two times we had to wake you so she could go the toilet.

What you didn't know that I was travelling with someone who has ASD and it's not easy travelling, what you did made the experience amazing for my daughter and I will never be able to thank you enough for your kind generosity. I really do hope good things come your way


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