Flood Donation

By Morrison County Sheriff Office • June 28, 2022

This morning while working with other city leaders in Randall, a gentleman stopped by the fire hall and told me that he’d like to make a donation to go towards all the food, water, drinks and other expenses that the city is dealing with because of the flooding. I asked this gentleman if he was from the Randall area and he told me that he was from Brainerd, but he passes through Randall a lot and he loves the city and everything it stands for. This gentleman was directed to city hall and he later gave a $500 dollar donation.

This is a reminder that there are still great people out there in this world. Good hearted caring people who put others first before themselves. We thank the good Lord for people like this! May God bless you and everyone affected by the flooding.

Sir, we are thankful for your kindness and generosity. We need more people like you!

Morrison County Sheriff Office in Minnesota


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