New Friends At The Ice Cream Truck

By Lee Lee • June 27, 2022

I have a son with Moderate autism, and he has some awesome people in his life who help him with academics.

One Of these awesome people is Tom and he meets me and my other two children at a park of our choice twice a week to help support my son Ryder with Academic instruction. We picked the park in our neighborhood on what is known as “the Ave” not a super wealthy place but has a wonderful newer park. The ice cream man frequents this location and typically I have some cash to give my son so he can buy goodies with Tom.

Today was one day short of payday and all I could scrunch up was a couple bucks … Tom went with Ryder to see what they could buy. He loves sonic and always wants to get the bubble gum eye ball ice cream with his character. Other kids in line heard Tom telling ryder they may not have enough money for that and the kids pitched in, even an adult buying ice cream for his own daughter with special needs handed ryder change!

This was a small act of kindness but meant so much to my sweet little boy, he was able to enjoy his favorite treat at his favorite park with his pal Tom. One of the children who handed money to my son ended up getting my older sons Sidds phone number so they can connect and have a play date soon.

It was a great day at the park to eat an ice cream and meet new friends.


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