My Husband Has Been Lying To Me For Years

By A Friend • June 21, 2022

Ever since we started dating, whenever we go out to eat and there is a pickle on his plate, he gives it to me.

One of our first dates was at a sub shop and it came with a pickle and I ate it first, and I think he picked up on it, because ever since he has just slid his pickle onto my plate and I eat it and I never really thought twice about it.

That had remained the status quo until one day, I was being silly and offered him a pickle.

And to my surprise, he accepted. And he ate the whole spear in 4 bites.

I was a little taken aback and was like 'Wait, you like pickles?' and he was like 'Yeah!'

So I asked him why, if he likes pickles, he always gives them to me.

And he said 'Because I know you love them, and seeing you smile is worth a few pickles.'

And my heart just melted, because for years I whole-heartedly believed this man hated pickles.

But no. He loves them.

He just loves me more.


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