Women Help Mom Traveling Alone With Toddler

By Ashley • June 6, 2022

If the cafe employee in the domestic Melbourne airport area is here, please accept my sincere gratitude and thanks for your kindness last weekend.

After a long haul flight from the US back to AUS with a two year old by myself, the toddler had an absolute meltdown after travelling 22+ hours already on no sleep and with no naps, and a 15 hour time zone change. While screaming and half dressed (because the meltdown started when I was changing his nappy and his very dirty clothes), I started to traverse to our gate knowing we’d be leaving soon. In the chaos of the screaming, kicking, and crying, I was trying to locate something at a cafe that would suffice to calm him down - but was unlucky when searching frantically.

In the midst of the overwhelm, this beautiful woman (a cafe employee) came over with a bikkie to calm him. She also, oh so wonderfully, made him a chocolate milk because it’s the only thing that would bring him back to regulated.

Another beautiful mum rushed over to share that if I wanted, I could come sit with her and her family if I needed another helping hand with my toddler or to give myself a moment to get organised.

It’s hard enough to travel by yourself internationally when you’re going for emotional reasons (the passing of both of my parents), but add in a sleep deprived toddler who is doing his best (but is still in fact a two year old…) and you’ve got a recipe for difficult times. So THANK YOU to this person who saw me in a time need and came straight over to help this exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed mum. And thank you to the fellow mum who offered her helping hands and open arms of her family.


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