Complimenting A Stranger

By Katrina • June 2, 2022

Children don't just automatically become kind adults we need to teach & show them how.

Yesterday we were in supermarket self serve area. A lady probably late twenties/early thirties had a beautiful suit on, being Saturday most people had casual clothes on.

Our 10yr old daughter said Mum I love that ladies outfit, she looks so pretty in it. I said why don't you tell her.

Being 10 she didn't want to so I said come with me.

The lady was busily putting her groceries through. I said excuse me, sorry for interrupting but my daughter wanted you to know she thought you look amazing today.

She stopped let it sink in for a minute and went Oh my goodness thank you, you've made my day.

As we were walking away I explained to my daughter saying something nice can change the direction of someone's day. That maybe, the lady may have been coming home from a busy day at work, collecting shopping on her way home and it cost you nothing to say something nice to her.

If you have the kind.


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