No One's Ever Done That For Me Before

By Leann Freedom • May 31, 2022

I stopped at a local drive thru a while back, and remembered a story my high school English teacher told me. Mr.Tackett told me and a couple dozen kids how he bought food for the two cars behind him in line at a drive thru. Our young minds could not grasp why he would do such a thing,this school was not in a very wealthy neighborhood and some families were definitely struggling to get by. the thought of a reason to be giving money away to strangers was beyond us.

Years pass and low and behold I have had hard times, been down and out and complete strangers have given me food or money for meals.

Now I am in a more abundant place in my life and I can give back.

So when at the local drive through on a busy weekday morning I notice in the rearview the man in the work truck behind me looks frustrated and impatient I see an opportunity. When it was my turn to pay for my meal I asked the cashier if I could pay for the man behind me as well.

They seemed astonished, asked me if I was sure...and I said no problem, just happy to help.

I received my food and went down the parking lot to sort out what was mine and what belonged to my kiddos. The truck comes racing my way, parks next to me. I roll down my window and the guy looks so surprised and asks me why I paid for his meal, he says no one has ever done that for me before! I explain to him that I just wanted him to have a great day!

He was in disbelief but I bet his day was off to a better start and that food I hope tasted really good.


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