Gone Are The Days!

By Anjali Mohapatra • May 18, 2022

'Don't leave me alone,' the eighty-year-old lady extended her skinny wrinkled hand with a deep sigh.

'No, honey. I won't. Just grip my hand,' said the old man turning his head in a smiling face.

His loose skin dangled below his chin. Shaking feet didn't pull him as per his wish. The old man asked his wife, 'Honey! Sit here. If we go forward and sit close to the waves, we can't save ourselves being wet, can't run at once.'

'Yeah! I know.'

They both sat there on the sand. The lady rested her head on his shoulder. They both looked at the vast blue horizon where the sky and the sea mingled with each other. Though the huge waves were roaring, dashing on the beach, the far side was calm and clear.

Seconds later, the man softly ran his hand on her already ruffled hair said, 'Hey! Why silent? Say something. Let's enjoy the panoramic view, right?'

'Hmm... gone are the days, darling! Everything is washed out like these waves pull back the things on it's way. Time has consumed all our pride and strength!'

'Honey, don't feel sorry for the past! Those are immaterial. Nothing has gone till we are together and till we love each other!'

The old man grinned at his wife with full of joy! True Love is immortal!


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